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  • In het Paleis der Illusies
  • Danse du monde, Grand spectacle
  • le mardi 07/03/2017 à 20h00
  • de CHF 41,01 à CHF 76,55

En accord avec Opus Productions et ITS Europe, EYS présente

Bharati 2?“In the Palace of Illusions”?
An Ancient Fairy Tale that is Happening Now 

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Following the enormous success of Bharati “Il était une fois l’Inde...,” the most successful stage spectacle ever to come out of India, with more than 2.5 million spectators worldwide, a new magical dream is coming…
Bharati 2 is following the same path. A modern day fairy tale of a noble Queen, a rebellious princess, and an array of legendary mythological characters, are all entangled in a story of love, friendship, chivalry, deceit, pride, and black magic, animating the ancient myths of India in contemporary surroundings.
Bharati and her teenage daughter Neelam (sapphire) embark on a train trip across this massive & mysterious land, a journey which disorients them into the bejeweled beauty and marvel of the legendary Palace of Illusions of Indraprastha, where nothing is really, what it seems to be .....
Bharati 2, will once again bring the grandeur of the Indian cinematic experience to the stage, flamed by a plethora of amazing rhythmic new songs, wild range of fresh choreographies, the splendor of its chaotic fashion design, and unimaginable variety of scents and flavors, which are all set against the backdrop of, and inspired by, the genuine spirit of India.
Bharati II – your Soul belongs where your Heart takes you.....
Stadsschouwburg, Antwerpen
March 7th, 2017 – 8 PM

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